I’m home, wait this is Dublin

I arrived at my hostel at 8:30 pm going through the check-in process like a pro, passport out, pen ready, etc.  The guy is checking me in and I see a sign for a pub crawl.  I ask him if I can still make it (it’s like 8:45 and the crawl started at 8:30) his responded that I was living the Irish way and I would surely make it.  I drop my pack off real quick and head to meet up with the group for the second out of five pubs (at least I think there were five.)  Some of the highlights of the crawl taught some Canadians how to swing dance, listen to a guy play Mumford and Sons on a recorder/flute, made friends with some Dutch and German people, and watched the sunrise.

The next morning I headed out to the Guinness factory, literally the whole reason I came to Dublin.  I then spent the majority of the day there.  The factory/museum whatever you want to call it, it spectacular.  Even if you don’t like the beer I would still recommend it.  They take you from how they make the beer, to the making of the barrels, tasting room,  how to pour the perfect Guinness, restaurants, to ultimately the Gravity bar.  The Gravity bar it the crown jewel.  It is one of the highest points in Dublin with a commanding view of the city.  I get up there give them my ticket for the most perfect pint of Guinness I have ever had.  Upon enjoying my pint at the bar enjoying the beautiful countryside/city below I was interrupted.  Long story short some Asians wanted to take a picture with a  Texan and I got free beers.  The bartenders thought it was hilarious, being the generous man I am, I did give away some of my tickets I received.

After a quick walk around the city of Dublin, I found myself in front of the Brazen Head.  This is the oldest pub in Ireland dating back to 1198.  Of course, I had to honor the place with a couple pints.  It was here that my friends from last night let me know they were doing the pub crawl again.  Seeing as I couldn’t let them venture out alone I joined the party.

A quick fact I was unaware about with the Dublin airport, they do US Custom checks in Dublin.  It would do you best to remember this before a pub crawl with a morning flight.  Luckily I made it on my flight and arrived back home to Texas.

To say this adventure was a success and I came back with a couple great stories is a vast understatement.  I came back with numerous friends, lots of hilarious stories, and better knowledge of the world and its people.  I thank you for reading this and if you every want to hear a story in person, just ask.


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