A man walking around Budda

Let’s just say Sunday was my James Bond day.  After arriving again in the center I found myself to a quiet breakfast place having a quaint breakfast.  After breakfast, I walked back to the base of the castle to a WW1 museum.  It was 2 story exhibit showcasing the lead-up, war itself, and the aftermath of WW1.  To say it was a humbling and breathless exhibit would hardly do it justice.  Everywhere were quotes from famous and ordinary peoples about the war and destruction, one room was a mockup of no man’s land (even had the smell, or at least what I imagine the smell was like), another room was a mockup of inside the trench with shells blowing up above you.  At the end of it, all was a room one door about and all glass walls with headstones.  If you have ever been to the WW2 museum in New Orleans it was similar.

After that experience, I walked to a pub I had past earlier.  The pub had great food and good company.  They also had liter beer during happy hour.  It was fantastic experience watching Englishmen watch football yelling, chanting, and screaming.  I headed back to the city center to find some more mulled wine.  Upon this mini journey, I stumbled across a local gambling establishment.  As being a curious fellow I decided to see how their games fared.  I found myself at a roulette table winning a decent amount drinking whiskey (call it the American version of James Bond).  After winning a decent bit of money I walked to the Continental bar and had a couple of Old Fashion in search of Jon Wick.  Unable to find him I continued my search for mulled wine to great success. (I promise once it gets cold again I am making batches of this stuff).  I ended the night at a local craft beer/burger joint with my friends.  Later we climbed one of the bridges before calling it a night. (Yes we just climbed it somewhat up to the top with no harnesses.)

Since I was by myself for the next two days and nearing the end of my trip I decided to have a shopping and spa day.  Even now I can’t say that with a straight face.  Monday morning I started early enjoying a local breakfast of chocolate milk and some type of morning bar.  The morning bar thing was terrible I honest don’t know what it was, just that it was semi-edible.  The chocolate milk was amazing though!  After a quick metro ride to the center of town, I walked around before finding Cafe Frei again enjoying a couple cups of joe.  I wondered over to the local flea market where I began to put my bargaining powers to use.  Unfortunately, I wish I could say I did more than this but I didn’t, it was truly a shopping day wondering around from market to market in search of gifts for myself and my family.

Spa day I would say was definitely the better day.  I said goodbye to my friends and headed towards Heroes Square to the bathhouse back there.  I say the bathhouse because it is the main and best bathhouse.  Walking into the bathhouse I saw a sign for a beer spa. (Mine kinda spa right!)  If you were to ask, “Grayson what was the best $20 you have ever spent in your life?” Without a doubt, it was the beer spa.  Let me lay it out.  So I get to the bathhouse buy my pass and a cabin.  I would HIGHLY recommend spending the extra $5 for the cabin.  Here are some of the perks, they lock the cabin, private cabin to change in, center location, and I most important I was able to leave my pack there safe and sound.  After changing to my bathing suit I headed up to the beer spa.  Also, the ladies that work the beer spa are the sweetest, nicest ladies I met.  They walked me around the bathhouse showing me the ins and outs.  Helped me buy my ticket, cabin, etc.  The best.  So I get up to the spa room, walk in and she’s getting my tub ready.  She brings to me this bucket with all the beer ingredients grain, hops, yeast, malt and explains the health benefits helps with skin, nails, relaxes, etc (obviously I paid a lot of attention).  She then pours the ingredients into the hot tub and stirs it up.  After getting in she shows me the tap and mugs next to me and tells me to drink up.  So let’s recap $20, hot tub, literally beer tap next to my shoulder with free beer.  Yes, FREE BEER!  After that glorious hour was up I bounced between the different thermal baths, steam rooms, and saunas.  It just so happened that one of my last days was going to be a spa day but looking back I would highly recommend doing this nice way to finish the trip.  After finishing up my spa day I headed to the airport for my flight to Dublin!


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