I’m home, wait this is Dublin

I arrived at my hostel at 8:30 pm going through the check-in process like a pro, passport out, pen ready, etc.  The guy is checking me in and I see a sign for a pub crawl.  I ask him if I can still make it (it’s like 8:45 and the crawl started at 8:30) his responded […]

A man walking around Budda

Let’s just say Sunday was my James Bond day.  After arriving again in the center I found myself to a quiet breakfast place having a quaint breakfast.  After breakfast, I walked back to the base of the castle to a WW1 museum.  It was 2 story exhibit showcasing the lead-up, war itself, and the aftermath […]

Budapest, 2 cities-Budda and Pest

After my friend, Sara helped me navigate back to their place we dropped off my luggage and headed to see the sights.  Mind you it’s dark at this point and I have no idea what sights they’re talking about.  We arrived at the base of this giant hill, think Enchanted Rock but in the middle of […]

Kiev you’ve been great

I have to say out of the three cities I’ve visited so far, Mosco, Kiev and Budapest, Kiev has been my favorite.  I had about two full days to walk around and see the city in full.  Luckily both days the weather was delightful.  I’m talking about sunny, highs floating around 60 degrees Fahrenheit, or 14 […]

Crossing the border

I’m going to preface this post with a couple quick facts.  Yes, I told my parents everything.  Yes, Russian bureaucracy is how the movies portray it.  Yes, I made it out in one piece without getting mugged or anything.  Yes, I was praying the whole time. Yes, I have no idea how I made it out either. So […]

Last Day in Moscow

Apologies for the delay in writing again, the past couple days have been sporty, to say the least.  My last day in Moscow, Monday 17th, I wanted to get up early and explore other parts of the city watching it wake up in the process.  So I hit the streets at 7 am to a […]

Kremlin, Bolshoi Theatre, and Karokee

Yes, I am still alive and kicking!  The past couple of days has been one hilarious story after the next.  I’ll recap some of the best ones here.  One Friday after finishing up that blog post I headed over to the Kremlin and Red square.  I’ve seen the Kremlin and Red Square before in movies […]